Reinforcement Paper Tape Manufacturer in Coimbatore

Reinforcement Paper Tapes

Reinforcement paper tape is made up of kraft paper backing with reinforced fiber. This Reinforcement paper tape is also commonly known as Water-activated tape. This Reinforcement paper tape is especially used for heavy-duty carton sealing applications. Penguin tapes offering you a complete determination of products with Eco-friendly reinforcement tape.

Reinforcement paper Tapes Manufacturer in coimbatore


  • Flexibility
  • Optimum strength
  • Custom Printed
  • Last stacking ability
  • Made from premium quality material

How to Use

To use water-activated gummed packaging tape, you’ll need to apply moisture/water to the bottom (non-printed side) of the tape. You can do this manually by using a wet sponge or by using a tape machine/dispenser.