Packing Tape Manufacture in Coimbatore

Brown Tape Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Brown Tapes

Brown tape is a bit stronger, made with packaging and shipping in mind. It is perfect for securing packages, envelopes, bags, packing industries etc., so that they will not unfix, tear, break, or burst.

Transparent Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Transparent Tapes

Transparent tapes are specially designed for eCommerce, shipment and retail product packaging, these tapes come with high-quality adhesive to ensure maximum safety of packed products.

Color Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Colour Tapes

Our BOPP Self Adhesive Color Tapes must have smooth surface features, good elongation, soft and flexible to give good conformability, transparency of pigmentation, and temperature resistance.

Custom Printed Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Custom Printed Tapes

Our custom printed tape smakes a great statement to your customers. it will build brand recognition with this extra visual of your artwork. We always  provide the best custom printed tape for you needs.