Our Products

Brown Tape Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Brown Tapes

Brown tape is a bit stronger, made with packaging and shipping in mind. It is perfect for securing packages, envelopes, bags, packing industries etc., so that they will not unfix, tear, break, or burst.

Transparent Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Transparent Tapes

Transparent tapes are specially designed for eCommerce, shipment and retail product packaging, these tapes come with high-quality adhesive to ensure maximum safety of packed products.

Color Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Color Tapes

Our BOPP Self Adhesive Color Tapes must have smooth surface features, good elongation, soft and flexible to give good conformability, transparency of pigmentation, and temperature resistance.

Custom Printed Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Custom Printed Tapes

Our custom printed tape smakes a great statement to your customers. it will build brand recognition with this extra visual of your artwork. We always  provide the best custom printed tape for you needs.

Jumbo Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Jumbo Tapes

Jumbo tapes are designed and processed by using the best quality BOPP materials. We make available these tapes for clients in different sizes and specifications as per their requirements.

Masking Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Masking Tape

Masking tape is made of an easy-release, easy-tear adhesive, and is most often used around the house for light-duty tasks, like taping a paper to the wall. And so, we are engaged in providing a wide array of Masking Tape.

PVC Insulation Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
PVC insulation tape

It is mainly used for insulating electrical wires and other conductors. It is made from non-conductive, pressure-sensitive materials. Concealed wire work on buses, railway carriages, ships, aircraft, etc.,

Floor Marking Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Floor Marking tape

Floor marking tape is used to mark areas assigned for different things, like where equipment should go. It is found in a variety of manufacturing workshops and factories.

Re-inforcement Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Reinforcement paper Tape

Reinforcement Paper Tape is a water-activated tape designed to provide consistent performance in carton sealing applications where durability, extra strength, and reliability are required.

Double sided Foam Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Double-sided Foam Tape

Double-sided Foam tape is best for weather-stripping, insulation, gaskets, sealing, cushioning, soundproofing, and baffle. One or both its sides are sticky.

Double sided tissue Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Double-Sided Tissue Tape

Double-Sided Tissue Tape fit for forms, envelopes, Point of the display, posters, showcards, etc. It works best with lightweight materials/surfaces, like paper to a wall, plastic to plastic, or cardboard.

Kraft Paper Tapes Manufacturer in Coimbatore
Kraft Paper Tape

Kraft paper tape-based on rubber/hot melt/water-based adhesive, it is fine green produce of high-adhesion, weather resistance, cold resistance, and easy-tear resistance